USAP Membership and PT Account Setup

Becoming a member of USA Pickleball and setting up an account with Pickleball Tournaments are easy processes. We suggest starting with the USA Pickleball membership, as you'll use that number during your PT account setup.

To get started with your USA Pickleball membership:

  1. Use this link to go to
  2. Click on the Join Now box. 
  3. This takes you to the New Member Registration page. You'll see a box that says Click here to Register as a New Member. Click on the box.
  4. Select a Membership Plan ($35/year) and if you'd like to subscribe to printed copies of Pickleball Magazine ($20/year). A digital copy is included with your USAP membership. Then the Continue box on each page.
  5. Next, fill in the required info and click on the Continue box.
  6. Read and initial the membership agreement, then click the Continue box.
  7. Next, provide your email address and set up your user name and password. Click the Continue box.
  8. After remitting payment, you will be issued a membership number. Please make a note of it, as you'll need it when setting up your PT account.

Setting up your Pickleball Tournaments account:

  1. Use this link to go to Create New PT Account.
  2. There are two boxes in the window. Fill out your name, birth date, and gender in the Create Account box. Then click the blue Search button.
  3. The software then determines whether you have an existing account. Since you don't, you'll click on the blue Create New Account button.
  4. Fill in your name, select a T-Shirt size, and click the Next button.
  5. Continuing with your Player Profile, fill in your Primary Address and click the Next button.
  6. The following page is very important and requires your phone contact information. BE SURE TO FILL IN YOUR TEXT PHONEEven though your Primary Phone may be the same! This number has become especially important because tournaments now use text messaging to announce bracket openings and court assignments. BE SURE YOU FILL IN YOUR CORRECT NUMBER. Click Next.
  7. The next page is also important. If you are a member of a club or organization that you'd like to include in your tournament registration information, use the pull-down menu to select the club or select Other and include a custom entry (like Rocky Mountain Pickleball). Next, fill in your USA Pickleball membership number under the Memberships section. Including your USAP number will allow you to register for USAP Sanctioned tournaments. 
  8. The following page contains Skill Level Ratings. If you have an official rating or feel you know what it should be, use the pull-down menu for both Doubles and Singles. Finally, select Self Rated if you do not have an official rating from USAP. 
  9. Finally, provide and answer a security question that PT may use from time to time to verify you as the owner of your account.
  10. The last page is a summary of the information you included. After confirming everything looks good, click the Save button. That's it.