Rocky Mountain Championships / DUPR Questions


The following includes answers to several questions regarding DUPR and its use in the Rocky Mountain Championships. We've attempted to address those questions which you may have; however, we are available to answer other questions by emailing us at:

Why did the Rocky Mountain Championships replace UTPR with DUPR for bracketing and seeding in the tournament? 

  • The decision to use DUPR was based on several factors and benefits to our players, including:
    • Encouragement by our players to explore an alternate rating system to the UTPR/WPR.
    • DUPR supports an enhanced player experience by providing a more accurate and reliable means of determining a player's actual skill levels.
    • DUPR's promotional, logistical, and financial support of the Rocky Mountain Championships
    • DUPR's active assistance with the recruitment of players
    • DUPR's collaboration with RMC in life-stream production
    • Venue enhancements at the tournament 

Will the DUPR system replace the UTPR/WPR for the tournament?

  • Yes, a player's UTPR/WPR will neither be used nor impacted by competing in the RMC.

How will my skill rating be calculated if I don't have a DUPR account? 

  • DUPR's database includes skill information on most players who have previously competed in tournaments.
  • If you are un-rated or do not have a DUPR, you will either be placed in the skill level you have self-selected or your current UTPR/WPR will be used to establish your 

What date will be used for determining my DUPR for the RMC?

  • Your DUPR as of the last day of player registration will be used to determine your bracket placement.

Could the skill level I initially registered with change after registrations are updated with my DUPR?

  • Yes, if your DUPR is higher than your current UTPR, you will be moved to the higher skill level bracket. If your DUPR is lower, you will have the option to play in either the lower skill level or "play up" into the higher skill level.

What happens if my doubles partner's DUPR is lower than mine? Can I play in the lower skill level bracket?

  • No, your partner would be required to "play up" into your skill level/bracket.

How will my results in the RMC affect my UTPR or WPR rating?

  • As with other non-sanctioned tournaments, your UTPR and WPR will not be impacted by competing in the RMC.

Will I receive a refund if I wish to withdraw from the RMC due to the tournament using the DUPR system?

  • Any player wishing to withdraw from the tournament due to the tournament's use of DUPR for bracketing and seeding will receive a full refund following the player notifying the tournament via email ( of their decision.

What information will DUPR supply to Pickleball Tournaments to update my registration and participation in the RMC?

  • DUPR will provide the Rocky Mountain Championships through Pickleball Tournaments a player's current rating according to the information in the DUPR database.

If I do not feel my DUPR is correct, who should I contact?

Where can I learn more about DUPR?