Pickleball Pro Kim Kesner

Kim Kesner
Pro Player - IPTPA Certified Instructor

As a nationally highly ranked senior pro sponsored by Onix, Kim competes in ten to twelve major tournaments yearly. She is also a certified Onix paddle dealer. Her other job is owning and working at Primary Care & Chiropractic Center, specializing in chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage.

Kim loves the happy atmosphere of pickleball and teaching those that share her excitement of the sport. Her talent as an instructor results from years of experience on the court as both a recreational and professional player. 

Kim offers private lessons starting at $45 per hour and group sessions. Her home courts are in Highlands Ranch; however, depending on the schedule, she can also be available to travel to your local court. 

Receiving instruction and coaching from a pro provides excellent guidance toward improving your game. If there are specific shots or weaker parts in your game, you'd like to work on, call Kim (303.888.2167) and set up a session. She'll review a plan on how best she can work with you to improve your game.

KIM KESNER - 303.888.2167