Player Update / Welcome DUPR to the Championships!


With only a couple of weeks before competition begins at the Rocky Mountain Championships, we have some exciting news to share with our over 1000 players. Enhancing your experience at the Championships has been and remains the tournament team's primary focus. As the organizer of the RMC, Rocky Mountain Pickleball is pleased to announce that the DUPR (Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating) system will be used for bracket and seeding in this year's tournament.
Our decision was based on several factors, including a commitment to ensuring a more even playing field and the most efficient overall rating system for our players. Despite this, committing to DUPR has resulted in USA Pickleball removing its sanctioning from the tournament. It's an unfortunate decision by USAP. Current USAP rules will, however, be used by referees officiating your matches and tournament protocol; only initial bracketing and seeding may be affected. Additionally, as in non-sanctioned tournaments and many other competitions, a player's UTPR and WPR will not be impacted by competing in the RMC.
We're confident that DUPR will enhance the Rocky Mountain Championships in the same manner that the Pickleball Tournament's Pro Team contributes as our registration and operations partner. This collaborative support gives our players the best tournament experience and contributes to the RMC's uniqueness. 
If you have questions regarding how the DUPR may affect you during the Championships, please visit the following link: RMC DUPR Info or for information on the rating system. This information will answer most of your questions; however, please don't hesitate to contact the RMC team ( for answers to other questions. 
Should the tournament's decision to implement the DUPR system cause you to request a withdrawal from the tournament, please let us know, and we will remove you from the tournament and process a full refund of your fees.
Finally, Rocky Mountain Pickleball wants to express a sincere thank you to our 1000+ players for your continued support. It's going to be an exciting tournament, with some great competition. We look forward to welcoming you to the Championships in a few weeks.

Volunteers / RMC V Team

The Rocky Mountain Championships is proudly one of the largest tournaments in the country. Aligning everything, each day, is no easy task. It’s actually impossible without the help of our Volunteer team. RMC really would really appreciate your consideration to assist as a volunteer. Dependance on our Volunteer Team is unquestionable. Providing players, spectators, and participants an exceptional tournament experience is critical to the RMC’s success. It’s not just a goal, rather an important necessity which we take seriously. Without our Volunteer Team, this would simply not be achievable. AND, you’ll get a very cool Volunteer shirt as part of our thanks to you.  If  you’re interested in joining the RMC V Team, we would love to hear from you. There are a wide variety of volunteer positions available, which you can check out and sign up for on Our Volunteer Coordinator, Tera Sisneros, is also available to answer questions you may have. So reach out to Tera if she can assist (


A big thanks to our Tournament Sponsors!

The Rocky Mountain Championships is proud to bring back our previous sponsors and introduce several brands new to the tournament and pickleball. We sincerely appreciate their support and urge you to check them out during the Championships.