2022 Rocky Mountain Championships March 18th Update

Only 4 months to go!

The excitement is already building as the 2022 tournament season begins. From California to Florida, there have been some amazing pickleball competitions, with many more to follow. Plans are well underway to make the 2022 Rocky Mountain Championships a tournament you won't want to miss. We look forward to again welcoming athletes from around the country and world to Denver for this special event. Mark your calendars for July 27th-31st and get ready for some great pickleball!

Already over 600 registered athletes!

Player registration opened about five weeks ago and already over 600 players have registered for the RMC. With more than 1300 athletes projected to compete in this year's Rocky Mountain Championships, brackets will be filling fast. So don't miss your opportunity to compete in this exciting tournament. Whether a 3.0 or Pro, the RMC team continues its focus on ensuring that our players have a great time and that the Rocky Mountain Championships remains a favorite among participants. REGISTER TODAY !!

Join the Pros on Court

The Rocky Mountain Championships will again be featuring pickleball's top pros, including both Open and Senior Open divisions. As many of us know, it's one thing watching pro events on YouTube or FaceBook, but seeing them up close and in-person brings the experience to a whole new level. The speed, concentration, and overall athleticism are really amazing to witness. We're often shaking our heads thinking, "how did they do that?" It's pretty cool stuff and we know you'll enjoy it at the RMC. If you're not able to compete, be sure to purchase grounds passes for the days you plan to attend and catch all the action. Grounds passes will be available for purchase beginning March 18th on PickleballTournaments.com . !

Fun, exciting new events!

Do you think you can return a serve from one of the top pros? You'll be able to give it a try and test your skills during the Pro Serve Challenge . These and other entertaining events are being planned for some added tournament fun. It's going to be a blast and we can't wait to see you there!!

Featured Pro Athlete- Dekel Bar

Dekel is currently rated as the #4 pro player in the world. His primary partners in the 2022 season include Vivienne David in Mixed Doubles and Adam Stone in Mens Doubles. He also teams up with pickleball icon and friend Kyle Yates and powerhouse Matt Wright. Dekel recently won Gold medals at the Punta Gorda Open in the Mens Pro Doubles (with Kyle) and the Mixed Pro Doubles (with Vivian) events. Not a bad way to start the year! In addition to his pro pickleball career, Dekel is a student at Herzliya University in Tel Aviv, Israel and a partner in Pickleball Getaways, with good friend Ben Johns. Dekel resides at the Dreamland pickleball community in Dripping Springs, Texas. Last summer, Dekel and Ben joined Rocky Mountain Pickleball in Steamboat Springs, during the Steamboat Classic, as hosts, referees, and ambassadors during the always amazing mountain town tournament. What a great time! This year Dekel is looking forward to returning to Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Championships where he'll be going for the Gold in the Mens and Mixed Doubles events.

Grounds Passes / VIP Experience

Grounds passes will be available beginning March 18th for each day of the tournament, including special court-side seating and limited VIP experiences. Pass pricing starts at $15 per day. Please note that registered players are not required to purchase grounds passes, as their Athlete Credentials will provide daily access to the tournament. For further information about the various pass options, use this link: RMC Grounds Passes .

Volunteers - RMC V Team

As one of the largest tournaments in the country, dependance on our Volunteer Team is unquestionable. Providing players, spectators, and participants an exceptional tournament experience is critical to the RMC's success. It's not just a goal, rather an important necessity which we take seriously. Without our Volunteer Team, this would simply not be achievable. There are a wide variety of volunteer positions available which you can check out and sign up for on PickleballDesk.com . If you're interested in joining the RMC V Team , we would love to hear from you. Our Volunteer Coordinator, Alia Rieker , is also available to answer questions you may have. So reach out to Alia if she can assist (alia0220@yahoo.com ).

Colorado's Premier Tournament

The 2022 Rocky Mountain Championships will again be held at the Gates Tennis Center in the heart of Denver's Cherry Creek community. Featuring 35 lighted courts and ample spectator areas, GTC is an ideal venue for hosting this premier event. The tournament is also pleased to this year be sanctioned by USA Pickleball. We hope you'll consider being a part of the 2022 Rocky Mountain Championships and look forward to welcoming you to Denver next July. Please don't hesitate to contact our team at Championships@RMPickleball.com regarding questions or assistance we can provide. You may also visit the tournament page on PickleballTournaments.com for additional information.



Player comments from the 2021 Rocky Mountain Championships:

"By far the best tournament experience I've attended"- SS
"The RMC is always run well and a great time" - OR
"Hands down, the most accommodating and professionally run tournament of the year" - CW
"Really loved the experience" - JW
"Great tournament!" - CV
"The medals were the best I've seen" - EB
"[RMP] made the entire tournament experience very memorable" - AR
"Great competition!" - MS



Photo Credits: Hunter Siegel/Pickleball Media